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UTG TuffBilt Solid Skid Steer Tires

skid steer tires from Contrax Equipment UTG TuffBilt skid steer tires

Contrax Equipment Inc. now carries UTG TuffBilt premium solid flat-proof skid steer tires. These severe duty tires are the result of advanced engineering and technology that has taken the aperture tire design to a new level.

Most flat proof skid steer tires have one of two designs, single or double aperture. Single-hole aperture designs can work well with heavy loads but tend to provide a rough ride.

Conventional two-hole designs often ride well but can collapse when under heavy loads. Over time, stress cracks may appear due to the constant uneven collapsing of the tire.

skid steer tires from Contrax Equipment

The UTG TuffBilt tire eliminates these issues with its advanced “Staggered Aperture” design.

The larger diameter holes on the outside provide a softer ride while the smaller inner holes help support the heavier loads. The result is a new tire technology that provides a soft ride but won’t collapse under pressure.




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